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Friday’s Report (07-02-14) – Ledbury Hunt

Three Counties Hunt Saboteurs were out in the field again yesterday at the Ledbury Hunt who hunted around the Longdon and Birtsmorton areas.

Fox breaks right by a sab

Fox breaks right by a sab

In the area of Queenshill hounds were right on the scent of a fox who ran out of a covert just metres from sabs who had seen him and were ready to act. Seconds after he ran, hounds emerged from the covert and were encouraged into the field he had run into, picking up again on his line. The fox, however, knew exactly where to run and headed straight for a nearby (and very smelly) farmyard full of cows.

Hound ran straight into a slurry pit whilst after a fox... hunt support had just commented that they hoped the sab in the farmyard would fall in and laughed, saying "you wouldn't pull that out, would you?" Hound got out after the same sab alerted the same supporters to her situation

Hound ran straight into a slurry pit whilst after a fox… hunt support had just commented that they hoped the sab in the farmyard would fall in and laughed, saying “you wouldn’t pull that out, would you?” Hound got out after the same sab alerted the same supporters to her situation

As one sab entered the farmyard, hounds still speaking, another heard hunt support saying “There’s a huge slurry pit in there, I hope she falls in it. You wouldn’t pull that out, would you?” Moments later and two hounds ran straight into it, the sab alerting hunt support who were oblivious to it and came to the aid of the second hound (the first on was able to get out on her own).

It's actually a road, honest

It’s actually a road, honest

Most of the day was spent navigating flooded areas (and hunt & hounds taking over the roads repeatedly) and perfectly maintained footpaths… Hunt supporters were seen holloaing and waving their hats to show where foxes had run which was very helpful as sabs could get into the right area and slow down the pack . We believe they may have had a kill in someone’s garden later on in the day.

Tomorrow is a day for checking out new cameras to finish the rest of the hunting season well equipped to catch hunts out illegally hunting. Thanks to everyone who recently gave us money towards our appeal… If you know anyone else who has a few quid spare, show them this link: http://www.gofundme.com/threecountiessabs

Report from Bristol Hunt Saboteurs November 18th

Today Bristol Hunt Saboteurs joined up with sabs from Three Counties Hunt Sabs, Southampton and Swindon to visit the Ledbury Hunt.

The Ledbury only have a few Saturday meets a season, usually hunting on Mondays and Fridays, so we thought we would take the opportunity to say ‘hello’ with a few more of us.

A large part of this hunts country also makes up some of the Gloucestershire badger cull zone and they have more links with the cull than any other hunt in the area.

Some of their staff and supporters have been out during the cull killing badgers, setts in their country have been filled in/destroyed completely, and places like the Forthampton Estate (a regular haunt of the Ledbury) have seen a large amount of cull activity. Even more reason to pay them a visit!

It was a tough day on foot but we managed to keep them moving on quite a lot. There was blatant illegal hunting from the start and aggro from the usual faces who tried throwing their weight around assaulting sabs. We shook this off and carried on doing our thing. When will they learn that this doesn’t deter us?!

At one stage we caught up with the hunt drawing a covert and one group of sabs saw a fox make its get away. They jumped into action when the fox passed, covering it’s path with citronella spray (to mask the foxes scent), and then using whips and voice to ‘rate’ the hounds.

Thankfully none of the hunt saw this happen so were none the wiser, and another group of sabs used horn and voice calls to call the pack of hounds out of the other side of the covert, giving the fox valuable time to get away.

We pressed on with the hunt after this and were never too far behind and were ready to spring into action again when the hounds were picking up on a fox once more. Thankfully nothing came of it, the hunt calling it a day shortly afterwards.

An angry Roger Warner, the master of the Ledbury Hunt, also gave us a tirade of bollocks on our departure. Roger has been in the limelight a bit recently, after photos of him and the badger shooting team he was part of getting a talking to from the police were published online – one of his mates was arrested for assaulting an anti-cull protester and damaging their car.

We’ll be seeing the Ledbury Hunt again very soon.”

To help us keep up our activities against hunting and the badger cull, please consider donating to our funds: http://www.gofundme.com/4qvels

Ledbury Hunt filmed killing fox

Taken from the Hereford Heckler November 29th

It seems that not a weekend goes by without a hunt getting negative press or showing their truly outrageous colours.

A couple of weeks ago we reported on the case of Lee Peters, the huntsman of the Ross Harriers Hunt, who was found guilty of racially abusing a hunt saboteur. Last week the Hereford Times also reported on he case, yesterday putting their story online.

Last weekend a video appeared on Youtube, showing hunt monitors literally saving a fox from the jaws of hounds.

Now this week, a graphic video has been released showing the hounds of the Ledbury Hunt killing a fox on Friday 13rd November.”

A Hunt Saboteurs Association press release on the horrendous incident said:

“Graphic footage of the Ledbury Hunt killing a fox has today been released. The incident happened on the 23rd November 2012 in a private garden in Eldersfield, Gloucestershire and was captured on film by members of Three Counties and Coventry Hunt saboteurs.

They were sadly too late to rescue the fox, but one did obtain film of the hounds repeatedly savaging the animal for a protracted period, whilst she and a colleague attempted to get the dogs off it. It is unclear at what point the fox succumbed to its multiple wounds, but when they were able to retrieve the animal from the pack it had been effectively disembowelled.

Footage of the kill, and from beforehand, is being examined by lawyers from the RSPCA to determine if there are grounds for prosecution under the Hunting Act. Results of a post-mortem are being withheld pending a decision.”

To take action against fox hunting, visit:

Hunt Saboteurs Association