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New from sabs in the cull zone

October 7th

BShzj3TCQAArfDa“As we enter the final phase of the Gloucestershire cull we are requesting that people prepare for the final onslaught. Sett checking by day, sett sitting and patrols by night. We suspect that more cages and bait points will be put out as they are desperate to kill in the last week. As the Somerset cull finishes more activists will be freed to come to Gloucestershire. We would like to remind people of the office numbers:

01386 761455 and 07551 577870

and we are also using 07891 639803 if you cannot get through for any reason. Please do NOT put urgent call outs for help on FB, bear in mind many sabs will only read them days later when they have internet access and it interrupts what others are doing elsewhere.

There will be daily meeting points at Budgens in Newent for daytime sett checking which we are moving from 14.00 to 13.00 as from tomorrow but you can call us for info on where to go as well. Evening meeting point remains Eldersfield church at 19.00.
If you have your own setts that you check, please try and do so daily and let us know what you’re doing each day so that we don’t duplicate the checking.

Call us for more information and thanks for coming out!”

Important Contact Information

BShzj3TCQAArfDaSeptember 1st

If coming into the Gloucestershire Cull Zone please head towards Tewkesbury (if you’re coming from further south, there may be better places for you to go to). We expect shooting to take place during the night, between the hours of 9pm and 6am roughly.

*During the day (10am – 6pm) call 01386 761455 for information about accommodation, required equipment & maps, basic legal advice and arrestee support. For urgent legal advice or support for anyone arrested, you can also call 07551 577870 if you can’t get through to the landline.

*Between 6pm and 6am (roughly) call 01386 761455 or 07551 577870 if you have information that could be useful, to find out meeting places (for those who are not already part of a group or are new to the cull), for arrestee support, legal advice, accommodation information and to receive up-to-date information about the cull.

If you require accommodation, please try to let us know in advance if possible how many people will be coming and for how many days / nights, as well as if you have any particular needs.

Autonomous groups & individuals (those who know what they’re doing, have transport and do not need to meet up with others): please contact us on one of the above numbers around 6pm each evening that you will be in the zone. We will then know what resources we have each night, until what time you’ll be available and where you are going to be based. We will then know which areas are covered and can contact you if we hear information about shooting.

There are tactics available for everyone to use, so don’t feel intimidated about calling up and saying you just want to walk peacefully on public roads! For those who do run into problems with the law, the 3 criminal defence firms we recommend are:

*Bindmans (based on Gray’s Inn Road, London)
*Birds (based in Wandsworth, London)
*Kelly’s (based in Brighton)

(the police have to call a lawyer for you if you have been arrested)

For general legal information, see: www.network23.org/freebeagles

A message from the local groups in the Gloucestershire cull zone

We are truly amazed by the astonishing response from across the country against the cull and immensely grateful to those who have travelled such long distances to be here with us. We would like to make the following points regarding this area in order to ensure that those coming here make the most impact and also are safe.

Firstly the shooting has not yet begun. The resources of those who are from far afield may need to be focused on when it does begin. Using up all days off, finances, goodwill (for those dog sitting and so forth) now may mean that some may not be able to come later when lots of people are needed.

cull-zoneThere are three areas of anti cull activity which people coming into the area may wish to get involved with;
Being at Forthampton, the more sedentary can have a picnic, others may wish to partake a ramble of the many footpaths or cycle around the lanes. Stalls in local towns and villages, demos etc. Feel free to contact us and see what is going on

Sett surveying.

Now if you want to come sett surveying and are not part of a visiting group we need to meet you, we need to ensure that you know how to survey and read a map and if not team you up with someone who has those skills. We can not emphasise enough the importance of going through us first because many areas have been looked at thoroughly so we don’t want work duplicated, we also don’t want people going blind into certain areas where landowners are prone to be very agitated and potentially violent both for their own safety and the safety of others who may walk into a situation the very next day. We also need areas that have not yet been done to be allocated so please do not just turn up, pick a wood and go searching there is a system already in place.

Anti-cull activists patrol part of the cull zone, at the Forthampton shooting estate in Gloucestershire (Pic from Hereford Heckler)

Anti-cull activists patrol part of the cull zone, at the Forthampton shooting estate in Gloucestershire (Pic from Hereford Heckler)

Delivering leaflets and papers, we are looking to get these delivered all across the cull zone.

If you do want to come to the Gloucestershire zone and want to meet up with us we would be delighted to hear from you and help with accommodation. We are however all volunteers and if we don’t get back right away please call us again, it’s busy down here! We also ask that people look after themselves and others. Come prepared! It can get very cold in the fields and woods especially at night you need the following;

Layers will keep you warmest and when it gets hot you can take some off.
Waterproof coats and leg wear.
Waterproof boots, wellies or walking boots.
Water……absolutely essential that everyone carries a water bottle.
Torch and spare batteries.
Energy snack.
Camera/mobile/reflective jacket (if you want).
If out in the day and walking and wearing shorts….you WILL regret it. Carry trousers/waterproof trousers to put on if you have to walk through brambles,nettles.
Probably best to have a change of clothes too.
A sleeping bag is useful if you need to stay over.
Please ensure that any car brought into the zone is legal i.e MOT/tax/insured/ driving licence/etc, the police are checking.

Our contact numbers are:
Drew GABS 07526 829426
Three Counties 0752 7773697

Freebeagles: Legal advice for activists. Click to visit

Freebeagles: Legal advice for activists. Click to visit