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Queen guitarist Brian May ‘faced death’ at Gloucestershire badger cull

Queen guitarist Brian May has written about how he came ‘close to death’ while supporting badger cull protesters in Gloucestershire.

Writing on his Save Me Facebook page Dr May describes the trial badger cull as ‘insane.’

www.thisisgloucestershire.co.uk 2013-9-11 13 22 29Yesterday Defra insisted the trail cull was necessary and wasn’t designed to ‘wipe out badgers’ saying if we don’t act now to stop the spread of bovine TB, the consequences for farming would be devestating.

Beginning my day in Gloucestershire, there is a grim undercurrent of violence in the air. We came very close to death just now when a white 4 by 4 came careering towards us on the wrong side of the road. He was overtaking at about 90 mph, and had no way back into his lane. If we hadn’t braked hard, we and he would have instantaneously been mincemeat. Reminds you how delicate the life of a creature is. Reminds that for all our pretentions and arrogance, all the Human Race has managed to do is cover this planet with concrete and pollution, and wipe out 99 per cent of the other animals with which we used to share it.

It’s hard to be optimistic. And now we have a Government completely in bed with all those elements of society who don’t get it. Who think all that matters is money, and power, and takes pleasure in causing pain and death to any creature, on any pretext. With this insane badger cull now in progress, it’s probably the bleakest outlook ever in the UK. As Bill Oddie remarked – under this Government, no wild animal is safe. Actually . .. no animal.

I’ll be keeping my eyes open here today, and meeting many of the brave and very peace-loving people who are dedicating their time to saving innocent animals. Our visibility is everything, because it is the public that will eventually stop this hideous violence. So we have to inform the public. The newspapers are reluctantly coming around, it seems, but so much of what goes on out here is still being suppressed.

Britain is rotting at its core right now. Only awareness can cut out the rot.

I’ll be tweeting and Soapboxing today whenever I can – from the grim and bloody killing fields of Gloucestershire.

Having a very interesting time in Newent ! We’ve met loads of local folks and peaceful demonstrators, wounded badger patrollers. The support we’re feeling is huge. We’ve been trying to meet with local farmers, but it seems that the NFU have told them all they’re not allowed to talk to me. I guess that says a lot – what are they trying to hide ?

Just had a long chat on film, though, with a great local farmer who ISN’T a member of the NFU, so he wasn’t ‘got at’ ! Very nice guy, who is somewhat on the fence, but frustrated that the Government isn’t prioritising vaccination for cattle. He’s basically up for vaccination, because he doesn’t trust this lot to know what they are doing, and hasn’t seen any evidence that culling will work. Was shocked that they are not testing the carcasses. Why isn’t he in the NFU ? Well, that’s another story. But didn’t you have the impression that the NFU was speaking for the WHOLE community of British farmers.

Actually, only 18 per cent of farmers are in the NFU. Isn’t that pretty shocking ? When you realise that the NFU are virtually running the country, through manipulation of the Government. Well, it would be more accurate, though less kind, to say they’re in bed with the NFU, and the Countryside Alliance … the whole bunch of them straining at the bit, eager to get the moment when they can smash the Hunting Act, and bring back all the despicable blood sports they love so much. Badger culling is a lot different from Fox Hunting, right ? Or is it ? Isn’t it the same bunch of bloodthirsty thugs that are currently careering around Gloucester, that a couple of months ago were out there doing the same thing, slaughtering foxes for fun (legally) or digging out badgers for sadistic games (illegally) ???

Well, perhaps we’ll find out tonight.

We’re certainly hearing lots of stories which already blow the Government’s claims of ‘humane’ killing out of the water. Stories of badgers screaming after shots are fired, the sound of dogs finishing them off. Stories of wounded badgers escaping, along with bewildered cubs. Stories of badgers dying in front of people who were there to help, but weren’t allowed to help, kept back by police. Who knows … but perhaps we’ll see it a bit more first hand.

Just watching the Mock the Week thing. Kind of funny. Except it’s not a laughing matter. Still, comedy is good. Mixed bag, really. A shame that you have some idiot accusing badgers of being the reason hedgehogs are in decline. This is a bogus piece of propaganda – lies, of course. Hedgehogs have coexisted with Badgers for millennia, of course. What they haven’t coexisted with, of course, is slug pellets and pesticides and herbicides. Spin, spin spin. And it’s OUR money they’re using to hoodwink us.


Queen’s Brian May joins badger cull protesters on night patrol

“GENOCIDE in the countryside” has to stop now, is Queen guitarist Brian May’s cry to stop the badger cull.

As he and protesters prepare to take to the fields around north west Gloucestershire tonight in anticipation of more badger culling, the figure head for the anti-cull movement said opposition is growing by the day.



“This is genocide in the countryside,” he said at The George Inn in Newent this afternoon. “It is horrendous.

“There are 300,000 people who have signed our petition now and it’s going up by the day. More people are realising that the cull is a waste of time.

“There is no point to it – it won’t eradicate bovine tuberculosis.”



Across Gloucestershire and Somerset, 5,000 badgers are to be shot in six weeks as part of DEFRA-approved measures aimed to protect cattle from bovine TB.

Some farmers say something has to be done to protect their livelihoods and thousands of cattle from TB, which means they must be slaughtered.

Protesters from the Save Me campaign will take their message to the culling zone tonight.



*Four people were arrested and then de-arrested once they had given officers “the necessary information” last night, Gloucestershire Constabulary confirmed today.

A further 4 people were stopped in a lane with vehicles parked on both sides. The lane was temporarily obstructed by vehicles, including police cars.


“BADGER SWAGGER” by The Artful Badger


Brian May leads anti-badger culling protest in London as pilots begin in two counties

Article taken from The Daily Express 01.06.13
QUEEN guitarist Brian May took to the streets of London today to lead a protest against a planned introduction of badger culling.

Brian-May-has-been-an-outspoken-critic-of-the-Government-s-badger-culling-plansThe 65-year-old musician joined with about 2,000 animal welfare supporters on the march through Westminster to show their opposition to the cull, which the Government says is necessary to tackle bovine tuberculosis (TB).

Mr May handed a petition woth 234,000 signatures to 10 Downing Street, calling for the scheme to be axed.Culling is due to start today in west Gloucestershire and west Somerset in pilots of the scheme.

Mr May said: “If the Government don’t listen to us today the pressure will still be there.

“I think it would be easier for David Cameron to cancel it at this point, with some grace and clearly for the public good. I don’t think there would be any shame in cancelling the policy because new evidence has come to light.

“It’s not going to save money. I’m not the person who cares about money, I care about everything else.

“There is no scientific justification for it, there is no public backing for it, there’s no moral grounds – but if it’s not going to save the public money either then surely the foundations for this cull will disappear.”

Experts, including scientists behind the long-term trial, have raised concerns that the policy will have “unimpressive” results in reducing TB and suggested that it does not make economic sense.

Badger, cull, WestminsterIf the two pilots being launched today are successful, the Government plans to roll out culling more widely in hot spots for the disease – which can be transmitted from badgers to livestock and between cattle.

The pilots will also assess whether sufficient badgers can be killed in an area to have an effect in reducing TB in cattle, following a long-term study which found that culling 70 per cent of badgers in an area could reduce the disease in herds by 16 per cent.The Government said the cull is necessary as part of efforts to stop increasing outbreaks of TB in dairy and beef herds, which saw 28,000 cattle slaughtered in England last year. Without action, infection and costs would continue to soar, officials said.

Labour, which opposes the plan, have tabled an Opposition Day debate for Wednesday.

The march – a few streets away from clashes between BNP and anti-fascist campaigners outside Parliament – saw young children leading chants, while older supporters also made their voices heard with loudhailers as they wound through Westminster in a stream of black and white.

A handful of large black dogs, with white stripes on their faces to resemble the quarry, walked obediently while young women tried to add a touch of glamour with customised outfits.

The march, though peaceful, was not without some drama, as a group of anti-cull protesters set fire to a pile of newspapers – causing smoke to drift over the grounds of the Houses of Parliament.

They chanted “your cull, your lies, your greed” and “shame on Defra”.

Police officers arrived after a few minutes to put the fire out.

Mr May said: “It would be very rude of the Government to start a cull when there is a major debate coming up.

“Our point is to save wild animals from abuse and there is no doubt this cull is going to cause intense pain on a massive scale to badgers.

“You cannot call it humane, which is apparently what these pilot culls are about.

“It has become increasingly apparent to me that, although we call ourselves a nation of animal lovers, we treat them appallingly.”

The Present of Life – Charity Single


Eco clothing company Rapanui has released a Christmas song featuring Rob da Bank, Sir David Attenborough, Chris Packham and Michael Fish.

Each year Rapanui makes a video at Christmas, The Grotto. This Christmas Santa’s at rock bottom. He’s facing a sales crisis, and so his marketing team suggested that the only way out is to capture the youth market. Thinking big, they decide to go for Christmas Number 1 and enlist the help of some huuuge celebrities.

We’ve teamed up with The Badger Trust to make a real life charity single, and designed some limited edition t-shirts for their campaigns. You can get the track free (if you join Dr.Brian May’s petition, or buy it off iTunes.)

Will Santa be able to save the Grotto with an epic smash hit? Or will it be will it be too little, too late?
*Song royalties & t-shirt profits go to the Badger Trust. Merry Christmas one and all!

Download here!