Three Counties Hunt Saboteurs, protecting wildlife in Worcestershire, Gloucestershire, Herefordshire…and…beyond.

We are a new group of experienced sabs operating primarily in the counties of Worcestershire, Gloucestershire and Herefordshire. Our remit is to assist those who are hunted, baited, shot, maimed, hooked, chased, trapped and slaughtered in the name of “sport” and “pest control”. We do this via direct action, getting out there in the field and preventing  local hunts from killing foxes, hares and mink using a variety of tactics all of which are non violent.

We are also there to help non wild animals including humans when necessary. We also film unlawful activity and do our utmost to ensure that the authorities act. Seven years after the Hunting Act and nothing has changed, it is up to ordinary folk to get out there and save lives or at least expose what is going on.

We do, of course, need people to come out with us there are far too many hunts for us to cover, hundreds of shoots, badger digging , the badger cull about to start in Gloucestershire and all manner of violent attacks on wild beings.

We also need people to do other stuff such as IT, press,  stalls,  fundraising, general support, letter writing, research, intelligence gathering, vehicle mechanics and all sorts of stuff which is just as important but doesn’t require going out for long hours.

Our group formed after a very full and hectic season one incident of which was when 2 of us were out on 6th March 2012 with the Cotswold Vale Farmers hunt and they killed a fox in covert in front of us just off Bozards Lane . We returned when they had gone to find 6 foetuses on the earth meaning of course that the vixen had been heavily pregnant and that they had still blown for a kill in triumph.

We will do our utmost to curb this mindless and cruel violence against those who cannot defend themselves.

Contact 3 Counties Hunt Saboteurs

Email: threecountiessabs@live.co.uk

Tel: 0845 3372969 (welfare and directory inquiries)

Tel: *07891 639803* (*updated* – field phone number for new people)

Tel: 07551 577870 (phone number for sabs to check in and camp inquiries)


2 responses to “ABOUT/CONTACT”

  1. Philip Gadd Grantham Lincs says :

    I have made contributions to your cause and do everything I can to raise awareness and support. Have you thought that electricity distribution companies are regularly in the area going from field to field and farm to farm. They put up poles, string wires and carry out repairs in event of power failures. I worked in the industry for nearly 40 years and never carried out any cleaning operations after traveling between farms. Everything will cost money , time etc

    They must also have a protocol to go on land at night time in the culling areas in the event of power cuts. The local company would be Western Power and their overhead line contractors. We had to follow a system during foot and mouth with a private telephone hotline number.

    I am sure lots of people have ideas but I will write to DEFRA asking for information and protection of employees in the event of working in area ! I have written to them 3 times today anyway.

    If you want more information please contact me

    Best Wishes

    Phil Gadd

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