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Sabs visited the Ross harriers today

We attended Orcop today in Herefordshire to sab’ the Ross Harriers.

Lee Peters (master and huntsman) was clearly holloaing hounds on and made several dark comments such as “too late to save that one” in between making some ermm, rather flirtatious suggestions to sabs.

Lee was often out and about during the badger cull supporting shooters by trying to be a nuisance to badgerists.

His bestie mate Paul Standing lurked ominously around a badger sett and flipped from charming, to sleazy, to threatening whilst driving his quad like a maniac (and without a reg plate tsk tsk).

Sabs were blocked and trapped constantly on the road and the day ended by being completely blocked with Lee and Paul trying to chat up sabs followed by someone’s bare bottom being pressed against the passenger window of the back of the car as a small child brandished a knife in front of us. All very surreal.



Britain’s biggest anti-badger cull demo takes place in Birmingham

From the Birmingham mail

Around 2,000 people packed into Victoria Square to take part in the Birmingham March and Rally.

People from all over the country descended on Birmingham to take part in Britain’s biggest anti-badger cull demonstration.

Around 2,000 people packed into Victoria Square on Saturday (Feb 22) to take part in the Birmingham March and Rally through the streets of the city.


Many waved flags, carried placards and banners opposing the planned controversial badger culls while others even dressed up as badgers to hammer their message home.

Campaigners then walked through the city streets chanting “stop the cull” as they marched while volunteers handed out leaflets to people in the city to pass on the anti-cull message.

Amanda Callaghan, aged 47 and her mother Carol, aged 66, both from Kingstanding, said they were outraged by the decision to cull the badgers.

Amanda said: “I saw that the demonstration was taking place and I just wanted to join in and offer my support.

“What the Government is doing is totally wrong. Badgers are lovely creatures and to see the numbers decimated in this way when there could be other options is just so terribly wrong.”

Sally Roberts travelled all the way from from Land’s End in Cornwall to take part in the march.

She said: “There needs to be a programme of vaccination rather than the culling of badgers. I am really passionate about this as are the thousands of people who have come to Birmingham today to protest about the Government’s culling plans.


“It is a pointless exercise which could lead to an increase in TB as badgers will flee and spread the disease while they do. The culls have so far cost around £4,000 per dead badger – a terrible waste of money. The time has come to stop the cull once and for all.”

Speaking from a constructed stage Birmingham Yardley MP John Hemming said: “While I do have every sympathy for farmers culling badgers it is not the solution. Instead of culling badgers we need to look at a badger TB vaccination programme.”

The first badger cull in 15 years began in South West England in September which means that around 5,000 badgers will be shot in Somerset and Gloucestershire.

Farmers say a cull reduces the spread of TB in cattle but protesters say it is “inhumane and ineffective”.

An online petition against culling has gathered 300,000 signatures and former Queen guitarist Brian May led a 1,000-strong march through London to hand the petition in to Downing Street.

The disease has seen more than 300,000 cattle slaughtered in the UK over the past decade.

Anti-cull protesters say the disease would be better controlled with stronger biosecurity measures to protect the 13 million cattle moved from UK farms each year as well as a badger TB vaccination programme carried out by volunteers.

The pilot culls in Gloucestershire and Somerset were launched with the aim of killing 70 per cent of badgers in each area within six weeks by “free shooting”.

But at the end of the six-week period back in December the shooters had failed to meet half of their target and the Government controversially extended both culls.

Those against the cull say the £1million spent on policing just the first six weeks of culling in Gloucestershire could have secured five years of volunteer-led badger vaccination over a similarly large area.

However, the Government appears to be pressing ahead with its intentions to roll out the cull to other parts of the UK this year.

Story link with more pictures and a video here.

March against badger cull at Shrewsbury Quarry

Hundreds of protesters from across the country descended on Shrewsbury (08-02-14) to attend an anti-badger cull protest march.


About 200 campaigners braved the cold and wet weather to march through the town centre armed with banners and placards.

Protesters are calling for an end to badger culling and want to see a programme of vaccination introduced instead to control the risk of bovine TB.


They have also called on Environment Secretary and North Shropshire MP Owen Paterson to resign after he approved the badger culls in Somerset and Gloucestershire last year.

The Badger Army gets stronger by the day as you can see from Shrewsbury today

— dominic dyer (@domdyer70) February 8, 2014

The protest started in The Quarry and finished off in the Square where several speeches were made, including from Dominic Dyer, of Care for the Wild.

He said: “The crazy and cruel badger culls make no sense. It is the worst environmental policy I have seen for at least 40 years. There are alternatives.”


The Shropshire Star carried live updates from the event as it happened.

Shrewsbury badger protest

Friday’s Report (07-02-14) – Ledbury Hunt

Three Counties Hunt Saboteurs were out in the field again yesterday at the Ledbury Hunt who hunted around the Longdon and Birtsmorton areas.

Fox breaks right by a sab

Fox breaks right by a sab

In the area of Queenshill hounds were right on the scent of a fox who ran out of a covert just metres from sabs who had seen him and were ready to act. Seconds after he ran, hounds emerged from the covert and were encouraged into the field he had run into, picking up again on his line. The fox, however, knew exactly where to run and headed straight for a nearby (and very smelly) farmyard full of cows.

Hound ran straight into a slurry pit whilst after a fox... hunt support had just commented that they hoped the sab in the farmyard would fall in and laughed, saying "you wouldn't pull that out, would you?" Hound got out after the same sab alerted the same supporters to her situation

Hound ran straight into a slurry pit whilst after a fox… hunt support had just commented that they hoped the sab in the farmyard would fall in and laughed, saying “you wouldn’t pull that out, would you?” Hound got out after the same sab alerted the same supporters to her situation

As one sab entered the farmyard, hounds still speaking, another heard hunt support saying “There’s a huge slurry pit in there, I hope she falls in it. You wouldn’t pull that out, would you?” Moments later and two hounds ran straight into it, the sab alerting hunt support who were oblivious to it and came to the aid of the second hound (the first on was able to get out on her own).

It's actually a road, honest

It’s actually a road, honest

Most of the day was spent navigating flooded areas (and hunt & hounds taking over the roads repeatedly) and perfectly maintained footpaths… Hunt supporters were seen holloaing and waving their hats to show where foxes had run which was very helpful as sabs could get into the right area and slow down the pack . We believe they may have had a kill in someone’s garden later on in the day.

Tomorrow is a day for checking out new cameras to finish the rest of the hunting season well equipped to catch hunts out illegally hunting. Thanks to everyone who recently gave us money towards our appeal… If you know anyone else who has a few quid spare, show them this link: