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October 19th

Badger cull hit by legal challenge

On patrol with Britain’s badger cull saboteurs

October 30th

Trust wants end to cull

Fears badgers could drown or freeze to death in traps due to bad weather and cull extension

November 16th

 No action over cull suspects

November 19th

Badgers across West are being culled in cattle free farms

November 20th

Farmers call for extension of badger cull outside Somerset and Gloucestershire

Badger cull fails to deliver for farmers


New from sabs in the cull zone

October 7th

BShzj3TCQAArfDa“As we enter the final phase of the Gloucestershire cull we are requesting that people prepare for the final onslaught. Sett checking by day, sett sitting and patrols by night. We suspect that more cages and bait points will be put out as they are desperate to kill in the last week. As the Somerset cull finishes more activists will be freed to come to Gloucestershire. We would like to remind people of the office numbers:

01386 761455 and 07551 577870

and we are also using 07891 639803 if you cannot get through for any reason. Please do NOT put urgent call outs for help on FB, bear in mind many sabs will only read them days later when they have internet access and it interrupts what others are doing elsewhere.

There will be daily meeting points at Budgens in Newent for daytime sett checking which we are moving from 14.00 to 13.00 as from tomorrow but you can call us for info on where to go as well. Evening meeting point remains Eldersfield church at 19.00.
If you have your own setts that you check, please try and do so daily and let us know what you’re doing each day so that we don’t duplicate the checking.

Call us for more information and thanks for coming out!”