Important Contact Information

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If coming into the Gloucestershire Cull Zone please head towards Tewkesbury (if you’re coming from further south, there may be better places for you to go to). We expect shooting to take place during the night, between the hours of 9pm and 6am roughly.

*During the day (10am – 6pm) call 01386 761455 for information about accommodation, required equipment & maps, basic legal advice and arrestee support. For urgent legal advice or support for anyone arrested, you can also call 07551 577870 if you can’t get through to the landline.

*Between 6pm and 6am (roughly) call 01386 761455 or 07551 577870 if you have information that could be useful, to find out meeting places (for those who are not already part of a group or are new to the cull), for arrestee support, legal advice, accommodation information and to receive up-to-date information about the cull.

If you require accommodation, please try to let us know in advance if possible how many people will be coming and for how many days / nights, as well as if you have any particular needs.

Autonomous groups & individuals (those who know what they’re doing, have transport and do not need to meet up with others): please contact us on one of the above numbers around 6pm each evening that you will be in the zone. We will then know what resources we have each night, until what time you’ll be available and where you are going to be based. We will then know which areas are covered and can contact you if we hear information about shooting.

There are tactics available for everyone to use, so don’t feel intimidated about calling up and saying you just want to walk peacefully on public roads! For those who do run into problems with the law, the 3 criminal defence firms we recommend are:

*Bindmans (based on Gray’s Inn Road, London)
*Birds (based in Wandsworth, London)
*Kelly’s (based in Brighton)

(the police have to call a lawyer for you if you have been arrested)

For general legal information, see:

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