Thinking of helping to Stop The Cull? Here’s a list of essentials..

Multicolored clothes pile

Layers of clothing. It can get very cold in the open countryside especially in the evening and early in the morning. Layers can be removed as needed.





Waterproof coat and leg wear. Protect yourself from the wet/ damp when out in the countryside.






Waterproof boots/ walking boots. They’ll go with the above.






Hat and gloves. Makes sense.





Bottled water. Absolutely essential.







Torch and spare batteries. Another essential piece of kit.






Energy snacks. We’ve chosen the ‘nakd’ bar here as they’re reasonably priced, taste great, are vegan and some of the money from their sales goes to Animal Aid.






Camera/ video camera. You never know what you might see and want to record.






Mobile phone. Essential. Everybody will know where everybody is.






High visibility jacket. Enables marksmen to know not to shoot.







Sleeping bag. In case you decide to stay overnight.





Car. If you are bringing one, make sure it is completely legal otherwise it will bring unwanted attention from the police.



and finally …



A sturdy backpack. To carry all this stuff in.





Three Counties hunt saboteurs. Email:

Gloucester Against Badger Shooting. Email:

Hunt Saboteurs Association. Email:

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5 responses to “Thinking of helping to Stop The Cull? Here’s a list of essentials..”

  1. eclectic X says :

    Reblogged this on eclectic X and commented:
    I give thanks to all those who are on the front line of stopping this unscientific and inhumane badger cull in England. It will make matters worse, costing the tax payer and the farmers more than vaccinating. It is short term thinking that is flawed. Anyone who helps in stopping it being the easy option, are in my heart. This silly carrot dangling in front of the farmers, who are raising bovine TB by the suggested farming methods to get more for less, is stupid. Does the government not realise: Farmers already have enough carrots!

  2. eclectic X says :

    Thank you for your efforts, keep safe, keep warm and be the wonderful natural wildlife loving people that I know you are.

  3. Frank Last says :

    Thank you for all you are doing

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